1987-88 is a project based on my mom's diary while she was living alone in Philadelphia. Being a student there and also pregnant with my sister, she kept a journal recording her experiences and living expenses, also the frequency of letters between her and my Dad.

I'll be following her entries and replying with a daily photo from what my life is now in NY. By taking a photo the same day she has an entry on her journal, I am able to revisit her memories from my own experiences and also enter in the dynamic of her memories. Using the Instagram's platform, one of the most used social media apps for keeping a diary of our everyday lives, I am posting a photo and a caption with her writing on that day.

September 21st, 1987    "Call Juan 19:30. 45 minutes. $41.43".

September 21st, 1987 

"Call Juan 19:30. 45 minutes. $41.43".


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